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Please Stop Poking Holes in Your Socks!

A Sensory Processing Disorder Presentation

  • 1 hour
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Service Description

Does she chew on everything? Does he stiffen up when you try to hug him? Does he poke holes in every pair of socks he owns? Does he need something to bounce on all day long? Does the smell of certain foods cause an over-the-top gag response? Do you have to buy seamless socks and cut out all the tags in her clothing? Have you NEVER been able to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July with your child? Does she panic when you head for a public restroom with automatic toilets or hand dryers? Does he have a need to constantly touch people and things, invading the spaces of those around him? You might be witnessing symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder. Some of the things we will discuss in this session are: · What is Sensory Processing Disorder · The difference between sensory seeking and sensory sensitive · Clues to identify if your child may have sensory challenges · Tips on how to avoid sensory overload and what to do if you are already there · Ideas for calming zones You will leave the session with a broader understanding of Sensory Processing Challenges and some tools and ideas to help you help your child to work through it.

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